Abram Brown


A collection of favorite assignments.

FORBES magazine

You’re An Old Brand, Charlie Brown

Iconix CEO Neil Cole built a career fixing up labels like Candie’s and London Fog. He’s betting a hit movie can do the same for Peanuts.

Toy Wars

Isaac Larian is in a fight to the death with Mattel. On the way, he’s become a billionaire.

Hypodermic Hype

Alan Shortall spends his time pumping his 11-year-old medical-device company. Did anyone hear the word “profits”?

Home-Flipping Huckster

Need a leading indicator that a real estate bubble is storming back? Armando Montelongo will make $50 million this year from leading borrow-and-buy seminars.

Life After Barbie

In an era when iPad apps and video games practically demand children’s attention, Mattel continues to lead by innovating with its old-school plastic playthings.

Straight Shooter

Gunmaker Sturm, Ruger was in a deep slump when Mike Fifer arrived six years ago. First off, he talked with customers, then rebuilt a thriving company around what they wanted to buy.

Inc. magazine and Inc.com

The Candy Man

4 Tools To Engage Customers Online

How Tofurky Carves Up Profits

How I Built A Global Haunted House Empire

The Boston Globe

The Dentist & Dr. Seuss

The Newark Star-Ledger

This story ran without a headline on the newspaper’s front page. Instead, the lede I reported and wrote was featured in super-sized font and ran above the fold.

Putting On Gloves To KO Street Crime

Forget Shark Week: Here’s The Reel Deal

The Syracuse Post-Standard

‘Pope Joan’ Author Has A Confession: She’s Nervous About Premiere In Syracuse

The Buffalo News

Violence Transformed ArtFest

Police Housing Unit Created: New City Security Forces Tackles Drugs, Violence

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